TUFF scaffolding shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin flame retardant shrink wrap which meets all NFPA 701 specifications. It also contains UV inhibitors allowing the shrink wrap to last 12 months or longer.

Scaffold shrink wrap is far superior to the most common conventional methods currently being used, such as plastic sheeting and tarps. When installed properly, scaffold heat shrink wrap provides a durable, tight, and professional solution that can withstand high winds and adverse weather conditions. Shrink wrap can also help to reduce heating and cooling costs during the construction process. It is cost effective, eco-friendly and UV protected for long term usage (12 months or longer).

The key benefits to scaffold heat shrink wrap are:
o Tight Fit – will not come loose during high winds or adverse weather
o Flame Retardant – our heat shrink wrap for scaffold is flame retardant (more info)
o Versatile – we can wrap any size or shape
o Durable – due to the UV inhibitors can last 12 months or longer
o Puncture Resistant –
o Appearance – provides a clean and professional appearance
o Eco-Friendly – Tuff shrink wrap is recyclable using the REBAG recycling system.
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Does your work site produce dust and/or debris? If so, you need to be using the TUFF Shrink Wrap Site Containment!

When performing services such as sandblasting and painting, you need to take precaution to prevent environmental pollution. When utilizing TUFF Shrink wrap, not only are you keeping the environment clean and the public safe, you present a nice looking worksite to the public. Remember, first impressions are EVERYTHING. Why use plastic sheeting or tarp that flaps in the wind or….even worse…nothing at all?

The TUFF shrink wrap, when installed by our professional installation team, provides a TIGHT fit around your project making sure to contain everything within the site while presenting a professional look to the public.

Is it Mother Nature raining on your parade? Nothing can be more frustrating than to have weather delay your project, not to mention the financial stress it can cause on your budget. Who wants to pay workers when they can't work or face financial penalties for missing a deadline? As if that isn't problematic enough, add to the list the fact that water intrusion into your project can cause damage to the property.

Let our professional installation team take these worries away! The TUFF shrink wrap is designed specifically with you, the Contractor, in mind. The TUFF shrink wrap for site containment is 100% virgin resin and meets all NFPA 701 specifications. It also contains UV inhibitors allowing the shrink wrap to last 12 months or longer. Additionally, it is puncture resistant, versatile and provides a clean and professional image for your worksite.

Why use traditional sheeting or tarp which can easily be blown away in high winds or…worse yet…use nothing at all?

Let our professional installation team protect your worksite, keep the project running on schedule and present a professional appearance to the public!

Are you transporting valuable and expensive equipment unprotected? What happens when you arrive at your destination and the equipment is filthy from dirty rain and mud or…even worse…damaged from road debris, rocks, etc.? Even if your delivery makes it successfully without damage, do you want to deliver something that looks filthy or pristine condition?

Let our professional installation team help you deliver equipment clean and undamaged! Don't use traditional sheeting or tarp that will flap in the wind and allow for dirty water intrusion. With the TUFF "tight as a drum" shrink wrap you deliver a clean and undamaged product. Our transport protection services are very diverse. We can wrap ANTYHING, regardless of the size or shape.

TUFF shrink wrap is also a good option if you need to store your equipment. TUFF Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor Shrink Wrap protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and will not harm glass, plastic, or other parts of assemblies.

Is the weather making production more difficult? Are you apply specialized coatings that need to be applied within a certain temperature range for proper application? If you answered yes to either of these scenarios, we have the solution for you!

By utilizing our TUFF Shrink Wrap as a full and complete enclosure, along with our pneumatic air blowers and portable industrial heating or cooling systems, we can ensure that the temperature and humidity are maintained to your specifications so that your coating is applied per specifications and also so your workers are more comfortable, thereby remaining more focused on completing the task at hand.

Whether it is site containment for sandblasting or coating, or over pressurized enclosure for welding in classified areas, we have the solution!

Often times maintenance work needs to be performed offshore but the maintenance work needs to be contained. If the maintenance work is being conducted in a non-classified area, the use of TUFF Shrink Wrap is the perfect solution for securing the area and containing the debris. Add that with our pneumatic air blowers and dust collection system, and you be assured that all debris is contained and disposed of in a proper manner.

Perhaps the maintenance needs to be conducted in a classified (poisonous gas) zone? If so, then then our welding enclosure, aka Habitat, is the solution for you! The short version is that the enclosure is made silica coated fiberglass panels that can be assembled in any size or shape. The enclosure is then over-pressurized by our pneumatic blowers which keeps out all danger or poisonous gases. To learn more about the welding enclosures, please visit

Do you need to store your boat outdoors? What is the weather going to do to it while it sits there? Why not use our cost effective shrink wrap to protect against weather damage?

TUFF shrink wrap is 100% virgin resin with maximum UV inhibitors making this choice a no brainer! We can cover entire flatbed loads and boats 60' with one piece!

Our TUFF shrink wrap boat covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems. We offer several countermeasures that inhibit moisture and mildew from forming on shrink wrapped units. We also offer Vapor Corrosion Inhibiting products to prevent damage to sensitive metals and electrical circuits. And, as an added bonus, we can even add a zippered door so you still have access to the boat!

When properly applied by our installation experts, shrink wrap will not move or chafe during transportation or storage, unlike bulky plastic sheeting and dirty tarps!