Boats / Marine Shrink Wrap TUFF Shrink Wrap offers heat shrink wrap for boats/marine in 6 mil or 7 mil. It is available in widths starting at 12' wide all the way up to 24' wide, and lengths from 31' all the way up to 425' long.

The TUFF Shrink Wrap protects against weather damage, is waterproof, and can provide one- piece coverage – covering entire flatbed loads and boats 60' with one piece!

Industrial & Manufacturing
Manufacturers generate a slew of diverse products that come in all types of different shapes and sizes. For those producing large machinery, they face the challenge of properly storing and transporting the product without inflicting damage.

At TUFF Shrink Wrap we stock a complete line of American made shrink wrap products capable of wrapping almost any object. With premium shrink wrap available up to 60 feet wide, entire flatbed loads of machinery can be wrapped, making it impervious to damage from the elements.

We offer 100% virgin resin Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor shrink wrap which protects both ferrous and non- ferrous metals, and will not harm glass, plastic, or other parts of assemblies.

Our Multimetal ICT Film is an easy to use protective film containing proven corrosion inhibiting technology. It is available in 20' x 100' 4 mil. The film is intended to be installed as a base layer underneath our premium shrink wrap. This combination ensures a durable, weatherproof storage and transportation cover which also provides corrosion prevention. Our ICT film is non-toxic, recyclable, and can protect metals for up to 5 years if properly packaged and stored.

Scaffolding & Construction
A construction site can be a vulnerable place. Whether it's the construction of a new building or renovation/add-on to an existing one, there's the risk of weather eroding all the hard work or ceasing it for a long period of time. For example, weather damage – whether its rain entering the structure, melting snow, or leaks – is the second most frequent cause of loss during building projects.

Our TUFF Shrink Wrap for scaffolding and construction is available in 7 mil, 9 mil, and 12 mil. It is also flame retardant and meets or exceeds all NFPA 701 specifications. Once heat shrunk, the results are sleek, waterproof with durable protection.

We offer the following Heat Guns & Tools for completing your shrink wrap project:

  • Shrinkfast ® 998 Heat Tool
  • Rapid Shrink 100 Heat Tool
  • Ripack 2000 Heat Tool
  • Ripack 3000
  • Shrinkfast ® Extension
  • Rapid Shrink Extension
  • Lightweight Propane Tank
  • Shrinkfast ® Arm Assist Clip
  • Shrinkfast ® 2' X-Tender
  • 4' Extension Sleeve
  • 6' Extension Sleeve
  • Belt Clip for Shrinkfast ®

Doors & Vents We offer the following Doors & Vents for your shrink wrap project:

  • Weather Tight Self-Adhesive Vent
  • Solar Powered Weather Tight Vent
  • Wind Powered Weather Tight Vent
  • Self-Piercing Louvered Vent
  • 30" x 36" Zipper Access Door
  • 30" x 48" Zipper Access Door
  • 36" x 72" Zipper Access Door
  • 36" x 48" Zipper Access Door
  • 40" x 82" RV Access Door

Strapping System We offer the following Strapping Items for completing your shrink wrap project:

  • 1/2" x 1500' Woven Cord Strapping
  • 1/2" x 3900' Woven Cord Strapping
  • 3/4" x 300' Woven Cord Strapping
  • 3/4" x 1500' Woven Cord Strapping
  • 3/4" x 2100' Woven Cord Strapping
  • 1/2" x 1500' Heavy Duty Woven Cord


  • 1/2" Buckles
  • 3/4" x 1665' Heavy Duty Woven Cord


  • 3/4" Buckles
  • Strap Tension Tool
  • Strapping Dispenser
  • End Cap
  • Bottom Cap
  • 1/2" x 3900" Heavy Duty Woven Cord


  • Liftoff
  • Strapping Protector
  • SuperCap

We offer the following Accessories for completing your shrink wrap project:

  • Professional Film Cutting Knife
  • Strap n Wrap Knife
  • Replacement Blades
  • Large Film Cutting Knife
  • Disposable Film Cutting Knife
  • Ring Cutter
  • Safety Gloves
  • Safety Glasses
  • Fuel Vent Cap
  • Mildew Gas Bags
  • Cargo Dry Pack
  • 1/4" Foam Padding
  • Lightweight Propane Tank
  • Easy Klips
  • Strapping Protector
  • Utility Cart

Rebag Recycling System

  • REBAG Recycling Kit
  • REBAG System – Roll of 50
  • EZ-Fill Recycling Run Bag

We offer the following Heat Shrink Tape for completing your shrink wrap project:

  • 2" Heat Shrink Tape
  • 4" Heat Shrink Tape
  • 6" Heat Shrink Tape
  • 4" Light Duty Heat Shrink Tape
  • 3" Heat Shrink Tape  Forever Tape
  • Permanent Shrink Wrap Tape